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Frequently Asked Questions

What locking block do I need?

Each model uses a 3-pin locking block for that specific models slide/barrel assembly. (e.g. G19/45 uses a G19, G17/69 uses a G17)

Why is there only one pin hole for the locking block?

The second locking block pin is not necessary for 9mm, and is used to secure the front rail. The slide stop spring will rest against the locking block, tension may need to be adjusted.

Do P80/FMDA rails fit PY2A frames and vise versa? 

No, they do not. PrintYour2A rails and frames are a proprietary design which predate the DD.2 rail design.

Can you ship outside the United States?

Well yes, but actually, no. Shipping outside the US is strictly prohibited. 

What print settings do you use?

If you haven't completed the 4 steps above, it won't matter what settings you use. If you have done them, these will give you a good start, but your results will very depending on the printer and environment.

AR Reinforcement Installation

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